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Hello Dear Friends,

Like all of you we have been actively monitoring the Covid-19 activity.

Everyone’s health and well-being is the highest priority. At all times, we take the highest level of precautions to prevent the spread of infections. This includes the new Coronavirus.

We all need to be good citizens during this time period. It truly is important to social distance and limit travel to “flatten the curve” of transmission of this virus.
This week we are discontinuing seeing patients for elective procedures. This includes cleanings with our wonderful hygienists. This has been advised by the ADA for all Dental offices.

We are looking at trying to help patients with emergencies to potentially keep them out of the hospitals and out of discomfort. Should you have a dental emergency please contact us. 

We will constantly look to all of our health authorities to guide us with our future availability.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult period in all of our lives.

We all can not wait to get back to “normal times”.


The office of Lawrence Sutton DDS


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