Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Ocala

It’s not uncommon to experience one or more dental issues at some point in your life. A broken, cracked, or decayed tooth can not only affect your smile’s appearance but also take a toll on your oral health.

If you are experiencing sensitivity in a tooth because of trauma or advanced decay, our team at Sutton Dentistry may recommend root canal therapy to alleviate the issues. Dr. Larry Sutton and our dedicated team have the training and experience to perform this endodontic procedure with precision, ensuring patient comfort throughout the process. Call our Ocala practice today if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Describing Root Canal Therapy

3d render of tooth section showing the nerves

Root canal therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that eliminates decay and infection in the inner portion of patients’ teeth. When decay advances to this point, the pulp inside the canals becomes inflamed and must be removed to prevent the infection from spreading. While the symptoms may not be immediately noticeable, eventual complications such as sensitivity, swelling, or tender gums can be indicators of endodontic concern.

Treating Advanced Decay in Ocala

At Sutton Dentistry, we understand that patients may be worried about this endodontic procedure, which is why we take the time to thoroughly explain each step in the process and answer any of your questions or concerns. Patients can remain comfortable throughout treatment with just a local anesthetic, but for the anxious patient, we have sedation options to help you remain calm.

Correcting this inner tooth issue involves creating a small opening in the tooth enamel to access the inner canals beneath. Dr. Sutton uses small files to clear the chambers of the diseased pulp, then cleanses the area to ensure all traces of infection are removed. We fill the canals with gutta-percha material and apply a temporary filling to protect the area while your custom-crafted permanent restoration is fabricated.

Post-treatment Care Following Root Canal Therapy

Once Dr. Sutton protects the treated tooth by affixing a porcelain crown, patients should see full function return to their smile without any pain or sensitivity. Our team provides you with proper post-procedure instructions so you can receive prolonged benefit from this endodontic treatment.

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Neglecting to have decay treated early can often cause dental patients more significant issues to their oral health down the road. At Sutton Dentistry, we encourage patients to take a proactive approach so they can maintain a healthy and functional smile. If you would like more information about root canal therapy, contact our team today schedule an appointment. We proudly help those living or working in Ocala, The Villages, and Belleview.


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