Traditional Dentures

Traditional Dentures in Ocala

For patients with missing teeth, there are many quality replacement options available. Taking the steps to fill the gaps in your smile will result in improved aesthetics and allow you to return to normal dental function without complication. Whether you are missing an entire row of teeth or just a section, traditional dentures and partials offer an effective solution.

Dr. Larry Sutton’s goal is for you to receive personalized service each time you visit our dental practice. Contact Sutton Dentistry today if you would like an experienced team to help you restore your smile. We proudly serve those living or working in Ocala, Belleview, and The Villages.

What are Traditional Dentures?

3D render of partial dentures

A denture consists of an acrylic base and prosthetic teeth. Conventional dentures offer patients many benefits. These custom-crafted appliances are removable and advanced technology has improved their function, aesthetics, and comfortability.

For filling the empty spaces left after tooth loss, dentures are effective in preventing neighboring teeth from shifting into the gaps. Additionally, patients can experience an easier time eating or speaking. The dentures are secured through suction and dental adhesives to prevent them from slipping out of place.

When visiting our office to replace your missing teeth, we begin with a thorough examination to help you determine the best treatment path. If a traditional denture or partial is recommended, we capture digital impressions and send them to a trusted local lab for fabrication. Once the device is made, Dr. Sutton ensures a precise and comfortable fit. We provide you with helpful care instructions so your new teeth will be both appealing and long-lasting.

Denture Options Available

Depending on how many teeth are missing from your smile, Sutton Dentistry has a solution for you. We offer complete, immediate, flexible, and partial dentures to restore healthy function and enhance your appearance.

  • Complete Dentures restore an entire arch of missing teeth. This process typically takes several appointments to complete, as the restoration cannot be placed until all teeth are removed and the gum line has had proper time to heal.
  • Immediate Dentures can be placed directly after teeth are removed, meaning patients don’t have to spend any time with an incomplete smile. This option requires follow up visits to ensure the device fits comfortably.
  • Partial Dentures attach to surrounding teeth using metal framework, offering a removable alternative to a fixed bridge. This appliance is ideal for those missing a smaller section of teeth.
  • Flexible Dentures are less rigid prosthetics that don’t require clasps or adhesives to secure in place. Patients find this option more comfortable and are granted an easier time chewing food than with traditional dentures.

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