Periodontal Care

Periodontal Care in Ocala

A variety of factors can lead to gum disease, some beyond our control. However, with a thorough at-home oral care routine and regular visits to a dental professional, patients can restore and maintain this crucial aspect of their oral health.

Dr. Larry Sutton, along with our experienced team of hygienists, combines their extensive training with a gentle approach when treating our Ocala patients experiencing gum disease. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

What Causes Gum Disease

treating gum disease in ocala with Dr. Sutton

Many dentists will stress the importance of regularly flossing teeth. Those who neglect this aspect of their oral health allow plaque to build up along the gum line, eventually causing the gums to inflame. This inflammation is known as gingivitis, the earliest stage of periodontal disease. A commitment to a thorough brushing and flossing routine coupled with a trip to the dentist can often reverse symptoms.

While there is no tissue or bone loss at this stage, treatment is crucial to avoid the problem advancing to periodontitis. In this more significant stage, the inflammation spreads beneath the gumline, causing the teeth to start to pull away. The resulting pockets between the gum tissue and teeth become infected.

Treatments to Improve Periodontal Health

When patients visiting our office are experiencing signs of periodontal disease, we offer a scaling and root planning procedure to remove the plaque and tartar along and beneath the gums. The deep cleaning utilizes ultrasonic or hand instruments to first eliminate the build-up from the tooth surface along the gum line and beneath to reach the tooth roots. Next, the tooth surface is smoothed of any rough areas.

When not taking the necessary steps to reverse or prevent gum disease, more significant concerns may develop. Prolonged inflammation can cause the gums to recede; a gum grafting procedure may be necessary to prevent tooth loss. For those with more significant periodontal concerns, we can refer you to a trusted local specialist.

Beneficial to Your Overall Health

Maintaining healthy gums isn’t just important for your teeth, it’s vital to your systemic health as well. When left untreated, the bacteria resulting from gum disease can enter the bloodstream, resulting in an increased risk for heart disease. Those with diabetes often find it harder to control the condition when also experiencing periodontal disease. Additionally, gum disease can also lead to respiratory complications.

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Our team at Sutton Dentistry understand the importance of maintaining healthy gums, which is why we have three hygienists on staff. If you are looking for a dental practice that can help you achieve optimal periodontal health, call us today to schedule an appointment.


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